"...the astounding success of his [Ray Chapa's] students on this [DVD] may make many of us re-think several of our teaching fundamentals."
           Howard Klug
           ~ THE CLARINET

Ray Chapa's Clarinet Gymnastics
"In this [video] clinic, Ray Chapa gives a clarinet lesson to four young clarinet students, focusing on embouchure and tone production, particularly in the upper registration. He uses computer graphics and personal demonstrations to introduce his High C embouchure. With Chapa's instructions and a series of well-conceived exercises the students are able to achieve an F1 to C3 slur. The session was obviously unrehearsed and Chapa's clear instructions improve problems with bite, reed selection, throat position and air flow.

Chapa uses vocabulary and concepts that any student of the clarinet can grasp. He also reviews the lessons to make sure that the students do not drift back to old habits. Worthy of numerous viewings, the tape is suitable for clarinet students of every age.... Everyone will enjoy the final... minutes of [session] II in which Chapa's students, whose ages range from elementary to high school, individually perform the first movement from the Mozart Clarinet Quintet (K.581) accompanied by a string quartet.

While expensive, Chapa's [DVD] will pay dividends to any instrumental program."

Ray Chapa's Clarinet Gymnastics by M. Max McKee
"I've only just begun to appreciate Ray Chapa's Clarinet Gymnastics, [a video clinic]. But I can tell you this even at this early date: The approach is terrific and it works. With [this DVD] you really can help your students develop a fine clarinet embouchure. You'll see it done and you'll learn to make the right changes -- right away.

As a clarinet teacher myself, I immediately got excited about what this will do for young inexperienced players and even young, inexperienced teachers can use it."

"It is super! The video explains beautifully many of the tonal concepts that we older clarinet players had to acquire by a lot of guesswork and by trying to find a qualified teacher. While nothing beats the hands on personal touch of a master teacher, this video will give great numbers of young performers information that has never been available to them before."
           James O. Franklin, Ed. D.
           Fine Arts Coordinator
           Natchez H.S. Band
           Natchez, Mississippi