Ray Chapa's workshops are tailored to clarinet players of all levels. The goal is to improve intonation, tone quality and range.

Each student participating in the clinic is made aware of specific problems as they relate to these areas and is given detailed approaches to correcting any faults. This is accomplished through the use of technically simple exercises designed to pinpoint existing embouchural deficiencies and offer a means of monitoring improvement.

In addition, the students' mouthpieces and reeds are evaluated as to their suitability for ease of playing and recommendations are proposed.

The clinics offer short-term goals as a means to achieving long-term success in the above-mentioned areas.

Each year Ray conducts clarinet clinics in approximately one hundred schools throughout Texas and surrounding states. The larger sessions (15-20 students) require two hours. Groups of ten or less can be accommodated during class periods. The goal for each student is embouchural proficiency in all registers with characteristic tone quality.

Contact Ray for rates and more details.